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It’s been a while since I posted on here. I was away, once more in Latvia, for the last block of filming for a tv show which will be aired later in the year.

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Now, I have been back home for one week which hasn’t been easy. I was having to fight off a cold and cough that I manage to bring back with me and also settling down and adjusting and focussing on my business.

My first job back home was another chaperone job which I’m delighted to be doing as its a second series of a comedy show and, I’m working with the same kids which makes it all the sweeter. But what about my photography? I offered a Mother’s Day Photo Mini Shoot, but I had no bookings. I advertised, and I posted as often as I could, but there was not one interest. I was disappointed, but this is another thing to learn from in my business.

During the week of my return, I visited a Networking Event in the City of London. I met a lot of interesting business women offering different services. Why women? Well, it was to do with International Women’s Day and Women’s week! Anyway, during the day there were various talks. Two of the talks were on Mindset in Business and Health & Wellbeing. Where is my mind now with my business. I’m still processing and growing it. I’m still learning new techniques and new ideas. They say practice makes perfect and it’s true. I’m trying to find that niche, so I know what I want, however, it’s all down to getting that one image that will appeal to my ideal client and hopefully drive more bookings. There have been times when I have had so many wobbles. I felt like throwing in the towel and go back to an office administration job, but something keeps telling me, you have invested in this, so don’t give up. People say they love my work but I know we are all different and we see things that one person may like that another doesn’t. So how do we get them to click that like button and share and comment?

Networking Events
Thrive Together

Well, this year is my year of training, learning more and trying out new techniques. I knew my business wasn’t going to be an overnight success. It takes years and years of practice. I’m visiting various photography sites; I’m on several Facebook groups for support and guidance. We’re not alone; we have a vast network of photographers who help each other out. We may be competition, but that’s a good thing. We seek advice from each other; we learn where to shop for the best equipment, we discuss what’s the latest trend. There’s no bitching as far as I’ve come across. It’s competition, and as I said before, our clients have different taste so they may not like what I do but prefer someone else. They may have a budget that’s so tight I’m not the right photographer for them. I would be the same if I were shopping around for something. Competition is good. It fires you to push more.

Having a positive attitude helps. You’ve got the support you visit the networking groups you sell yourself by showing off your work. Someone out there is going to want to have a photography session that suits their needs. I always consider myself an optimist. Being negative gets you nowhere. I know, I know I had some moments of what am I doing I can’t carry on, but I have decided that while I’m still building my business, I need the Chaperone work to help fund my photography habits and get the help I need. That’s my positive turnaround, by working on one thing to help push for new ideas. I am now booked to do some more training with other fabulous photographers, I have some wonderful people helping me with my social media planning, and I’m getting plenty of support from some amazing business people who can help put me in the right direction of my business. I may be creative, but it’s what behind the creativity that drives me to carry on regardless. There is someone out there who will want to have photos done. It can be headshots, family portraits or newborns. It’s out there!

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So there is the positivity of my mindset, but what about my health and wellbeing? I am fortunate to be in good health. I have a healthy diet and when I can I try to keep fit. It just fits in with my time. My work is not routine. I have two days where I’m not open, and it’s technically my days off. I need that! I need to focus on my home life, and my family, so those are my days off. I want to keep fit, but I somehow find things don’t always go to plan. It’s a poor excuse not to plan, but when you’re self -employed and you get a call to do some work, I can’t say no just yet! In terms of keeping fit, I make an effort to go out walking as much as I can. I try to do some 25 minutes of HIIT workouts at home three times a week. I try to switch off by doing some yoga. Recently, I had to have a minor operation which left me not able to carry on with HIIT. I then went away, and back home, my kids often ask to be taken somewhere for an appointment or a playdate. There is always something that throws a spanner in the works. The only constant for me is walking which is one of the suggestions that came up at the talks.

Haven House, Sparkle Walk
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As I say, I’m a work in progress, what about you. Do you have a routine that fits in with your work life balance? Do you exercise, do you have a hobby, how do you switch off? I’d love to hear what you do? Do you have a self -help book that helps your mindset? What do you recommend?. Please let me know as I said before I am always learning something new. I’m going to switch off now and go and watch some tv. ( That’s my switch off!)