A new look blog!

It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy and just juggling things around.  There’s so much to do but feel the blog needs more of an update.  A lot of my images will be of my muse – Lucie. She goes with me everywhere and willing model.

This website is going to be more bespoke so that I can offer more to my clients.  More photos will be shown here and shared on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram and Pinterest.

So check out the latest images and diaries and information regarding Amanda Hall Photography by clicking on the icons.




I can’t tell you how important this has become.  At first I thought I can’t do this, I’m very shy and go all scared and shaky when I talk to a crowd of people who are all staring at me.  However, over time, this has improved.  I still get a little moment of butterflies in the pit of my stomach before I announce myself but once I start to introduce myself and talk about my work, the momentary shakiness goes away and people are keen to learn more about what I do.

So networking group does work when you are starting out and looking for your ideal client.  For me Headshots are fast becoming a business niche for me and opens the door to client telling me about themselves and me explaining my other areas of work such as newborn photography, children’s portraiture, event photography and so on.  It opens doors!

Headshots are important for your business profile.  It’s all very well saying, I have my phone and that’s enough for me to take a photo of me.  Fine if you want this, but when potential clients want to see more about you, then having a more professional looking image is the way forward.  Updating them on a regular basis is also important.  People’s looks can change, through change of diet, illnesses and hair styles!

I also offer a bespoke service of not only having your headshot profile taken, but a photoducumentary of your business.  Often set up in your business location and documenting how you work and liaise with clients.  This a great way to have uploaded onto your website or for your printing material and tells your story.  I am offering a 25% discount on this service if you book during March.  Post session, you will receive a USB stick with at least 20-30 images for you to use on any platform.  You can even make yourself a video from these images. I can also do this for you if you prefer.

While I still feel that moment of “rabbit in headlights” situation every time I go to a network meeting, I know I am doing something positive for myself and achieving my goals.  I also love meeting new people too and having a 1-2-1 session with some these incredible business people, I learn something new about them.

If you’re starting out, think about joining a local network.  A list of some of these are available below.  For me this has been a step in the right direction for my business and this could be for you too.  Thinking of what to add in your new website or leaflets, then contact me for your Headshot today and ask about our bespoke work lifestyle sessions.

These are just a few of the network groups to look at:






There are many more  but do look on social media pages for more network groups to join.

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Happy New Year!

It’s been a busy year and want to thank you all for your support in 2017.  This year I decided I needed to do something different that would be meaningful to me.  I now volunteer at The Dream Factory –  a registered Charity which grants wishes and dreams to children and young people from the ages of 3 to 25 years with life limiting or life threatening conditions or severe disabilities.  2018 sees them celebrate their 10th Anniversary and I look forward to working with them throughout the year.

They recently held a Christmas Party for the children and my photos can now be viewed inside West Essex Life January Issue 2018

If you haven’t already done so, please do join my mailing list so that I can send you some exciting offers and deals for some of the photography sessions.  Please email me hello@amandahallphoto.com if you wish to be added.

So on this note, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope the 2018 brings you lots of joy and good health.

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